Al Michaels Arrested for DUI

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Al Michaels

The voice of NBC’s Sunday Night Football has been arrested for a DUI.

Here’s a full recap of what happened brought to you by my favorite DUI sportscasters, Rick and Randy:

RANDY: Al Michaels takes to the road on late Friday night and . . . ooh , what is he doing?

RICK: Yikes. Michaels makes an illegal u-turn! Uh-oh, it looks like he’s going to regret this move. As you can see. a couple of blocks way, the opposing team-er- the LAPD has set up a DUI checkpoint.

RANDY: And look at that! Like clockwork the police pull over Michaels and I don’t know about you, Rick, but it looks like Michaels’ speech is a bit slurred.

RICK: Yes, indeed, Randy! Michaels’ does look like he’s under the influence of something. I don’t know.

RANDY: And now, it looks like police want him to take a field sobriety test. And – oh! – it looks like Michaels decides to comply.

RICK: Ah, it looks like DUI defense attorneys won’t be too happy with that one. Am I right, Randy?

RANDY: You certainly are, Rick!

RICK: Annnnnd, Michaels has failed the field sobriety test. What a shame.

RANDY: Total shame, Randy. And right now what you see are the police slapping handcuffs on Michaels.

 RICK: I guess that would be considered a touchdown for the LAPD!

RANDY: I’m getting word that Michaels is due in court on the 26 of June. The consequences for a DUI in Los Angeles include a license suspension, expensive fines and other penalties.

RICK: It looks like Michaels may have to work with another mouth device called an ignition interlock!

RANDY: Very true, Rick. Very true.

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