Amanda Bynes Takes Plea Deal

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Amanda Bynes

Justin Bieber may be rejected his plea deals, but Amanda Bynes is certainly taking hers! Bynes’ drunk driving case (finally) came to a close on Monday, February 24, 2014, after she accepted a plea deal to reckless driving.

In exchange for pleading no contest to reckless driving, Bynes must serve 3 years probation, attend alcohol education classes and pay a fine. By pleading no contest to reckless driving, Bynes has avoided a conviction for a DUI.

Bynes was arrested in April 2012 when her BMW sideswiped a police cruiser in West Hollywood. Following this incident, she was involved in two hit-and-run incidents and was in a bit of trouble for driving on a suspended license. However, these charges were eventually dropped.

Bynes was also facing marijuana possession charges in New York after she threw a bong out her apartment window. However, those charges have been dropped as well.

Back in November, a judge ruled that Bynes was fit to stand trial for this DUI case. Her mental health was called into question after she allegedly started a fire in a neighbor’s driveway in July 2013. As a result, she spent four months in a psychiatric hospital and the judge placed her under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

In December, Bynes was released. However, she continues to seek outpatient treatment. She also lives in the custody of her parents.

Source: CNN


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