Billy Unger Arrested for a DUI

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Billy Unger

Did you know there’s a special place in Los Angeles jails reserved solely for Disney stars who get arrested for a DUI?

Okay, that’s not actually true, but there seriously should be!

Billy Unger, the star of ‘Lab Rats’, a show on Disney XD, has been arrested for a DUI.

This past Saturday, June 28, 2014, Unger was driving in Malibu, CA. He started to pick up speed and police pulled him over. The officers suspected him to be under the influence and had Unger blow into a breathalyzer device.

Unger’s BAC came back at .08 percent. Normally, Unger would’ve blown within the legal limit. However, Unger is actually 18 years old and the state of California has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to underage drivers. If you are underage, you can’t have any alcohol in you if you’re behind the wheel. Therefore, Unger had handcuffs slapped across his wrists and he was taken to the big house.

Even though he’s underage, Unger could face some serious penalties if he’s convicted of a DUI. He could pay some pretty expensive fines, get his license suspended or spend time in jail. He may also have to perform community service or take alcohol education classes.

Unger plays the character of Chase Davenport on ‘Lab Rats’. ‘Lab Rats’ is about a teenager, Leo Dooley (Tyrel Jackson Williams), who gets a new stepfamily that has bionic abilities.

In addition to his role on ‘Lab Rats’, Unger has also appeared in ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Cold Case’, and ‘Desperate Housewives’. Unger is also in a band called California Chrome.

Source: Hollywood Life


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