Hi! I’m the Lush Crush, here to bring you all the latest gossip on drunk Hollywood.

Drunk celeb

You’ve seen photos of celebs being just like you: shopping, going to restaurants, pumping gas…

But guess what? They get drunk, too!

drunk celeb

And sometimes, (eep!) they drive!

celebrity DUI

These days, it seems as if in order to be a REAL celebrity you need to have been arrested for a DUI at least once in your career. Here, you can get all latest gossip and pics of celebs getting boozed up and locked up.

celeb in jail

Oh, and by the way, non-celebs get DUIs, too. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DUI, you can get the star treatment, too, with the help of a DUI attorney. Find one today!



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