Busted! The Celebrity Arrest Report

Detective Lush Crush here to give you an up-to-date arrest report on your favorite celebs. Remember, all suspects are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

[Insert Law & Order “Doink Doink” sound…]

The Latest Celebrity DUI Arrests:


Name / Occupation: Jones, Jim / Rapper

Arrest Details: Arrested 2 October 2013; the Bronx


Name / Occupation: Smith, Aldon / 49ers’ linebacker

Arrest Details: Arrested 20 September 2013; San Jose, CA


Name / Occupation: Lohan, Dina / Parent to Lindsay

Arrest Details: Arrested 12 September 2013; New York; DUI

Name / Occupation: Griffith, Nathan J. / Boyfriend to Teen Mom 2 Star, Janelle Evans

Arrest Details: Arrested 7 September 2013; Myrtle Beach ; DWI


Name / Occupation:  Miguel/ Musician

Arrest Details: Arrested 15 August 2013






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