Carlos Santana – Snoozin’ Behind the Wheel

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 Category Treble with the Law

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Last Friday, my day was filled with news and analysis of Dina Lohan, but it looks like another celebrity ran into a little car trouble, as well.

On Friday, September 13, 2013, rockstar Carlos Santana totaled his car in Las Vegas. While media outlets stated that the crash was a minor ‘lil thang, according to TMZ, it turns out that Santana totaled his bar because he was ASLEEP BEHIND THE WHEEL!

This makes the Lush Crush wonder, why was Carlos Santana so tired? Was booooooze the reason for the snoooooooooze? Maybe he was enjoying his very own DVX wine or perhaps his Casa Noble Tequila?

The truth is, the Lush Crush highly doubts that Santana was buzzed behind the wheel. First of all, no BAC tests were taken and police had no reason to assume that Santana was under the influence. Secondly, there were no skid marks on the road. I guess this is a clear sign that a driver never attempted to gain control of a vehicle, which means he was sleeping. I don’t really see how that makes sense, but, hey, the Lush Crush is only the messenger.

Look, snoozing behind the wheel is pretty dangerous. According to TMZ, Santana completely totaled his Fisker Karma. His front bumper was destroyed. Plus, the vehicle needed to be towed away.

Also the police report stated that Santana didn’t just hit one parked car, he actually ran into two parked cars before the Fisker stopped. Luckily, no injuries were reported and it looks like Santana came through unharmed as well.

I wonder what he was dreaming about…

Probably kittens and puppies, right? That’s what rockstars dream about… right?

Source: TMZ

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