Celeb DUI Tidbits: Lindsay Lohan and Nathan Adrian

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Lohan Letterman

Lindsay Lohan’s going to be a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” and host Andy Cohen will not be drinking. Typically, “Watch What Happens Live” has a bar on set and Cohen and guests partake in cocktails. However, since Lindsay is on a no-partying streak, Cohen won’t tempt with any alcoholic beverages. That’s polite! (Source: TMZ)

However, Lohan may be having a hard time staying sober. There have been a couple of reports that Lindsay Lohan relapsed at a viewing party of her OWN docu-series.

On April 6, 2014, Lohan attending a viewing party for her reality show at Gramercy Park Hotel. She was with friends and eye witnesses said that they saw the star with drinks in her hand.

“Lindsay was laughing at herself and having drinks,” the witness stated. “When she stepped inside the elevator, she reeked of booze and could barely stand.” The witness continued, “She was walking in zigzag, and everyone in the lobby was staring. She was definitely not sober.”

There have been additional reports that Lohan was drinking at the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend. (Source: Daily Mail)

If you’re a fan of college hoops, you’re probably aware that West Virginia freshman forward Nathan Adrian was arrested for a DUI. He was arrested early Sunday in Morgantown, West Virginia. He was initially pulled over on North High Street for having an expired registration sticker.

Adrian admitting to drinking and police proceeded to give him a BAC test. His blood alcohol concentration measured at .085 percent – just a teeny weeny above the legal limit. Adrian was arrested but was later released from jail on a $1,500 personal recognizance bond. (Source: WV Metro News)

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