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13-Year-Old Noah Cyrus BEHIND THE WHEEL

So, Noah Cyrus may not be driving under the influence just yet, bit the 13-year-old is CERTAINLY DRIVING!


On Thursday, October 24, 2013 TMZ spotted Billy Ray Cyrus letting his daughter, Noah Cyrus, get behind the wheel while under the influence of being underage. Noah Cyrus was driving a Fiat 500 throughout the Los Angeles neighborhood of Toluca Lake and Billy Ray seemed pretty pleased with his daughter’s driving skills. Maybe she could teach Lindsay a few lessons!

Source: TMZ

David Beckham Crashes Car

David Beckham got into a car accident on Saturday. However, everyone is okay.

Beckham was in Beverly Hills pulling out of a POSH driveway when he rammed into another car that had the right-of-way. The front panel of the other driver’s car was damaged, but that’s about it.

Source: TMZ

Calm Weekend for Lindsay

Last week was a bit of a fiasco for the Lohans. First, Dina Lohan had to appear in court for her DWI charges. Even though her license was taken away, Lohan claims that it was the paparazzi’s fault that she got a DWI. We’ll let you know if that defense flies.

Second, Lindsay Lohan was also involved in a bit of controversy with the paparazzi as a photo emerged that looked as if Lindsay was reaching for a bottle of wine. However it turns out the photo was just taken at a weird angle.

Needless to say, Lindsay Lohan decided to keep her weekend controversy-free by staying in. Of course, Lohan had to tweet about it. She took a few selfies that all look the same and watched some movies starring Meryl Streep.

Source: Huffington Post  

So, while these celebs had busy weekends, what were YOU up to?

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