Celebrity DUI Update: Michael Phelps and Amanda Bynes

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Michael Phelps


Amanda Bynes

The DUI arrests of Olympian Michael Phelps and former actress Amanda Bynes certainly made headlines this week. There are new developments in these stories that may result in these celebs ending up in some serious hot water.

New details about Michael Phelps DUI case were released. Apparently, the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time spent some time gambling and drinking at the Horseshoe Casino before his arrest. According to some sources, Phelps had a private room at the casino where he spent hours drinking and playing table games.

When police pulled him over on the I-95 in Baltimore, Phelps admitted to having “3 or 4 drinks” while at the casino. According to the police report, Phelps had difficulty balancing when asked to walk in a straight line. When the officer asked Phelps to stand on one leg, the swimmer responded, “That’s not happening.”

Phelps’ blood-alcohol concentration was .14 percent. His trial date is set for November 19.

Almost a week after her DUI arrest near Los Angeles, Amanda Bynes was spotted in New York City on Friday, October 3. Bynes apparently flew out of LA Thursday evening after being spotted at Studio One Salon in Thousand Oaks, California.

Bynes was described as “looking disheveled” when spotted strolling through the Upper East Side. She also was smoking a cigarette and had a large bandage across her cheek. Unlike Phelps, Bynes has yet to make a comment about her most recent DUI arrest. She most recently began taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing to possibly pursue a career in fashion.

Source: CBS Local; US Magazine


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