Celebrity DUI Update: Sam Donaldson and Jenna Jameson

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Donaldson is Dismissed!


ABC News personality Sam Donaldson had a good weekend. On Friday, November 8, 2013, a judge in Sussex County, DE dropped the DUI charges against him.

As you probably know, Sam Donaldson served as the chief White House correspondent and co-host of PrimeTime Live and This Week with Sam Donaldson and Coke Roberts.

In December of 2012, Donaldson was arrested for a DUI after making a traffic violation in Lewes, Delaware. (Donaldson is a resident of the nearby McLean, Virginia.) Donaldson performed field sobriety tests and the police officer determined that Donaldson was under the influence.

However, on Friday, a Sussex County judge decided that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict Donaldson of a DUI offense.

According to Donaldson’s DUI defense lawyer, Eric Mooney, Sam Donaldson is “extremely satisfied” with the results.

Source: Christian Science Monitor


Jenna Jameson Talks DUI


Former porn star Jenna Jameson opens up . . . about her custody and legal struggles. In Oprah: Where Are They Now?, Jameson spoke to the Queen of all Media about her custody battle and  the DUI arrest she received in May of 2012.

Jameson was arrested for a DUI after he drove her car into a light pole. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 years probation.

Jameson told Oprah, “Getting a DUI, I think, was a huge wakeup call for me. At the time I was going through a lot of problems and a lot of issues with my ex. And I was thinking more about myself and made such a big mistake.”

Jameson has since decided to devote herself to her children and her life “has become 100 percent about being a mother.”

Source: Huffington Post  

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