Celebrity DUIs: Chris Cagle and Bill Murray’s Brother

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Country Music Star Chris Cagle Arrested for DWI In Texas


Chris Cagle’s 2002 single is titled “I Breathe In, I breathe Out” and that is probably what he did if he took a breathalyzer test this past Sunday.

On December 15, 2013, the country music star was arrested for a DUI in Greenville. Greenville is about 50 miles northeast of Dallas.

Police spotted the 45-year old country music singer run a red light. They pulled him over and must’ve suspected him to be under the influence.

At this point I would provide you with some more juicy details, but unfortunately the sheriff’s office has yet to release more information. Obviously, the Lush Crush will keep you posted once the details have been released.

Source: USA Today

Bill Murray’s Brother Arrested for DUI


My friends over at 1 800 DUI Laws informed me of this one. Bill Murray’s brother, John Collins Murray, was arrested for a DUI over in St. John’s County, FL.

Murray was apparently going for a joyride and drove his Oldsmobile across the lawns of some homes in the neighborhood of St. Andrews. After that, Murray stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road.

When police arrived to the vehicle, they found Murray slumped over the steering wheel. Murray showed signs of intoxication including bloodshot eyes and his breath smelled of alcohol.

Murray didn’t take the field sobriety test but he did take a breathalyzer test where his BAC measured at .222 percent.

Murray is not only facing DUI charges. He also received a citation for obstructing a roadway.

Source: 1 800 DUI Laws

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