Celebs Go on Twitter to Defend DUI Arrests

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Nathan Griffith

Forget court! Instead of hearings, celebs are taking to Twitter to justify their DUI arrests and other legal issues.

For example, Nathan Griffith of ‘Teen Mom 2’ fame recently finished spending 11 days in jail for charges that came as a result of his DUI arrest back in 2013. Though his DUI conviction is still up on the air, Griffith had to serve 11 days in jail for resisting arrest, threatening a police officer, giving a false identity, driving on a suspended license and driving on the wrong side of the road.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not Griffith’s charges have been dropped. Therefore, Griffith decided to take to Twitter to clear the air. However, unfortunately for those curious, Griffith’s tweets are indecipherable!

Here’s what he had to say:

“Here’s a note 1 DUI .09 one I pleaded even though the police told me to go to jury .09 and one got disposed! Note all traffic violations!”

Uh, wha????

Griffith continued:

“Oh btw the one I pleaded my car was parked two blocks away and I had a TWO DD my sister and my old best friend.”

I reiterate: wha???? Can you figure out what he’s saying?

Also taking to Twitter to defend himself is former Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby. He tweeted a picture of his DUI citation with his BAC level printed on it, saying “I was not drunk.”

roby citation

Roby was arrested on April 20, 2014 and is due to appear in court today. HIs BAC was .08 percent, which is technically the legal limit. Michael Perrett, Roby’s agent, is quite confident this matter will be over and done with soon, despite Roby failing a field sobriety test.

“His BAC test registered a negligible .08, and after further testing at the police station, he was quickly released on his own recognizance,” Perrett stated. “There are no other charges, and we are confident that this matter will be resolved quickly and favorably for Bradley.”

Sources: Wetpaint and NFL.com


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