Chelsea Handler Credits DUI for Successful Comedy Career

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If it weren’t for her DUI arrest, we would be missing the hilarious antics of Chelsea Handler. The comedian, who hosts her own show, ‘Chelsea Lately’, credits her DUI arrest for getting a jumpstart on her comedy career.

Handler relayed her story to CNN.

“I just turned 21 and I was still using my older sister’s identification that my mother had given me so I would be able to drink legally. I got pulled over and I was very abstinent, not getting along with the police officers in typical DUI fashion and I think I called the officer racist – we were both white.”

“I had to go to Sybil Brand Jail, which is the women’s jail of L.A. County. You have to go to classes. It was horrifying and humiliating, because you just feel like such an idiot for doing something so stupid.”
“Every week someone had to get up and tell their story, but I kept bowing out because I was terrified of public speaking… Finally the very last class they chose me and I told my story. Everybody was laughing and then I couldn’t get off the stage.”
“The teacher for that DUI class said, ‘Listen, this isn’t a stand-up comedy club, it’s supposed to be encouraging humiliation not to get a drive off it.’ After that, people came up to me saying, ‘I think you’re really funny’, and then I decided to do stand-up comedy.”
“It was good. It helped my career go in the right direction and luckily I didn’t injure anybody on my way. I’m a responsible drinker now.”
Good for her! Not everyone has such a positive experience from a DUI arrest, but we’re glad it gave Handler the courage to get out there and try her hand at standup comedy.

Source: SF Gate

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