Children of Celebs Get DUI’s, Too

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With Jerry Sandusky’s son getting a DUI this week, I couldn’t help but think of other notable offspring who find themselves behind bars. There are quite a few of them, believe it or not.

John Clark Gable, son of the legendary Clark Gable

John Clark Gable

John Clark Gable was arrested back in April 2013. He was also charged with a hit-and-run. Apparently, Gable was driving drunk in Malibu and crashed into 6 parked cars. When he got out of vehicle, witnesses say they saw him fall over! Gable says he wasn’t drunk but that he had taken prescription medicine for a leg injury. Furthermore, he claimed he had a history of brain aneurysms. Needless to say, Gable recently appeared in court to accept his DUI charges and hit-and-run charges.

Jacqueline Walters Danforth, daughter of Barbara Walters

Jackie Walters

Danforth was arrested in May of this year. Apparently, during her arrest, she was so angry that police officers had to hold her down because police officers were worried that she would run into the street. She was arrested in Naples, FL after police responded to a vehicle parked in the middle of the highway.

Robbie Knievel, son of Evel Knievel

evel knievel



This summer Robbie Knievel was arrested for a DUI in North Dakota. Apparently, he was driving his motor home when he crashed into a campground. Knievel was sentenced right away. He was slapped with a license suspension and a &600 fine.  

Bobby Dale Earnhardt, grandson of Dale Earnhardt

dale earnhardt



Like Knievel, Earnhardt was arrested this past summer, too. Apparently, Earnhardt was driving way above the limit in Charleston, West Virginia. Makes sense. After all, he does have a racing gene in him! When police pulled him over, they noticed his glassy eyes and could smell alcohol coming from his vehicle. They arrested him for a DUI and his BAC measured over twice the legal limit.

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