Chris Kattan Was Acting Weird Before DUI Arrest

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Chris Kattan

What was going on with Chris Kattan before his DUI arrest?

Apparently, sources are saying that Kattan was out of it on an LA-bound flight just hours before his DUI arrest in Encino.

Late Sunday afternoon, the crew on Kattan’s flight had radioed that the former SNL actor was acting kind of strange. He was walking up and down the aisle on the plane and talking to himself. Apparently, he kept saying that he was running out of medication. He was also ranting because the plane was delayed for 3 hours.

Okay, anyone would rant about that. But still. . .

2 doctors who happened to be on the plane were able to calm Kattan down. Furthermore, when the plane finally landed paramedics from the LA City Fire Department were there to help him. TMZ states that Kattan got some sort of treatment and then was sent on his way.

However, later that night, Kattan was busted for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. He was driving his Mercedes on the 101 Freeway just outside of Los Angeles when he crashed into a construction site. Luckily nobody was hurt. Police arrived to the scene where they proceeded to give Kattan a field sobriety test. Kattan failed and was arrested on misdemeanor DUI charges.

The consequences for driving under the influence of drugs in Los Angeles can include a license suspension, possible jail time and mandatory treatment for substance abuse issues. Though not charged yet, Kattan is due to appear in court the first week in March.

Source: TMZ


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