David Cassidy Officially Charged with DUI

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Teenage heartthrob David Cassidy has officially been charged with one count of driving under the influence from his January 10 2014 DUI arrest.

As you may recall, Cassidy was arrested for his third DUI last month after making an illegal right turn near LAX in Los Angeles. Police suspected him to be under the influence and told Cassidy to take a field sobriety test. Cassidy failed and police proceeded to give him a breathalyzer test. Cassidy blew a .19. That’s more than twice the legal limit! Police subsequently arrested Cassidy.

At the police station, Cassidy refused to submit to more blood alcohol concentration (BAC) testing.

Cassidy has one prior DUI conviction from an incident in Florida. (Cassidy currently resides in Florida.) He was also arrested for drunk driving in New York.

If convicted of this current drunk driving arrest, Cassidy may have to serve a mandatory 96 hours in jail. He is also facing up to a year in prison.

Right after his most recent arrest, Cassidy’s publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen, issued a statement to “Entertainment Tonight.” She stated that Cassidy had just completed a stint in rehab. He was going through a stressful time during his visit to Los Angeles because he was attending depositions with Sony Pictures Television. Apparently, Cassidy believes that Sony Pictures owes him money from “Partridge Family” merchandize.

The stress over the depositions caused Cassidy to relapse and that resulted in his most recent DUI arrest. Right after this arrest, Cassidy had attended transitional rehab and then had planned to return to rehab at an undisclosed location.

Source: TMZ


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