David Cassidy Sentenced for DUI

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david cassidy dui

Teen idol and multiple celebrity DUI offender David Cassidy received his sentence for his latest DUI offense yesterday, March 24, 2014.

After pleading no content to DUI, Cassidy, 63, has been ordered to enter rehab for three months. He must also be on probation for five years. Additionally, Cassidy has been ordered to pay expensive fines and attend a nine-month alcohol education program.

Cassidy was arrested back in January after a California Highway Patrol officer stopped him for making an illegal turn at a red light in his rented Chevy Impala. The incident took place near the Los Angeles International Airport.

Police took his blood alcohol content and his BAC measured at .19 percent. That’s more than twice the legal limit. This latest arrested was Cassidy’s third since 2011 and his second DUI arrest within sixth months.

Cassidy had been sober before the incident but stressors due to a ‘Partridge Family’ dispute led him to relapse.

A couple of days after his DUI that Cassidy took to the bottle after being questioned by lawyers in the legal dispute.

Manager Jo-Ann Geffen stated, “David just completed a stint in rehab and was doing very well in sobriety. He was in Los Angeles to attend depositions by Sony Pictures Television, respondents in a lawsuit filed by Cassidy in 2011 over what he claims are monies long due him from ‘Partridge Family’ merchandise, home video, etc. After attending his and his manager’s depositions, it appears as if the pressure led to a brief relapse.”

Cassidy became a superstar after starring on ‘The Partridge Family’ and later became a pop culture icon when he launched his solo musical career with such hits as ‘I Think I Love You.’

Source: CNN

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