Dina Lohan: Paparazzi Caused DWI

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dina lohan dui

Dina Lohan

It seems like the paparazzi equals bad news for the Lohans. Yesterday, the Lush Crush reported that photographers got an image of Lindsay looking like she was reaching for a bottle of wine. However, Lohan claims she was just reaching for her purse and her phone. These items just happened to be near a bottle of wine and the photographer snapped the image at an angle that looked like she was reaching for wine.

Also, Dina Lohan is dealing with her own paparazzi and drunken woes. During her appearance in court for her recent DWI arrest in NY, Lohan’s lawyer stated that the paparazzi caused her to drink and drive.

Mark Heller, Dina’s lawyer (and Lindsay’s one-time lawyer during her shoplifting case) defended the Lohan matriarch by saying that Dina’s lifestyle is very stressful. The stress gets especially intense when paparazzi follow Lohan’s every move.

Okay. I can relate. . . (J/k)

Therefore, Dina Lohan gets so stressed that she needs alcohol to relax and that’s why she was intoxicated behind the wheel.

So, I have to wonder, is this a good defense? Do you think the judge will be lenient on Lohan because she’s stressed over the paparazzi?

If you recall, Dina Lohan was arrested for a DWI in New York on September 12, 2013. Her BAC measured at .2, which means she was over twice the legal limit. Dina Lohan pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of DWI and 1 count of speeding.

In addition to dealing with her DUI charges, Dina Lohan will be coming out with a memoir this December.

Source: TMZ

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