Dina Lohan Sentenced to Community Service

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Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan, the mother of star Lindsay Lohan, is ready to put her DWI charge behind her. I mean, er, what DWI charge?

Actually, Lohan was arrested for drunk driving on September 12, 2013 after she had too much alcohol celebrating her 50th birthday.

On Tuesday June 3, 2014, Dina Lohan received her sentence for her DWI and speeding charges in a Long Island, NY court. She has been ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and she has to pay almost $3,000 in required fines.

Sheesh, a DWI can certainly be an expensive mistake!

Back in April, Lohan pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in exchange for no jail time. She had originally pleaded not guilty, but I guess she was encouraged to change her mind.

Lohan also had her driver’s license suspended. However, once she gets it back, she’ll be required to install an ignition interlock. An ignition interlock is a device that you plug into your car that you have to blow into in order to start your car. If it detects alcohol on your breath, your car won’t start.

Mark Jay Heller, Dina Lohan’s attorney, told E! News that Lohan “is happy to put this unfortunate event behind her.”

He also made the following statement:

“In spite of the fact that the District Court of Nassau County dispenses the sternest DWI sentences in America, which traditionally provides for a period of incarceration and three years of probation, Dina Lohan’s sentence did not provide for any period of incarceration pr probation, in light of Dina Lohan’s exemplary record with no prior arrest history and in deference to the Nassau County screen evaluation of Ms. Lohan which concluded that she has no alcohol or substance abuse issues.

Clearly, it was recognized that Dina Lohan has been a life-long resident of Nassau County, a good and loving parent to four children and the arrest was borne out of an isolated act of indiscretion on the occasion of her 50th birthday.”

Source: E! Online


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