DMX Arrested Again

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 Category Treble with the Law

dmx mugshot 2013


It seems like this guy really likes to wear handcuffs.

Rapper DMX was arrested for marijuana possession on the morning of August 21, 2013 in Greer County, South Carolina. As you probably already know, X was recently arrested for a DUI and there’s been active warrant for his arrest stemming from an arrest where he was driving without a license.

Early this morning, cops pulled over a car for making an illegal u-turn. It turns out that DMX was a passenger in the car. X got mad and, according to the police report, cops found marijuana in the arm rest where DMX was sitting. Furthermore, cops claim that the rapper was drunk at the time.

Needless to say, cops arrested him for possession and knew of the additional arrest warrant.

X has since been released from jail, but he’s now placed on house arrest.

Source: TMZ



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