Does Mayor Rob Ford Drive Drunk?

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In addition to smoking crack, does Toronto mayor Rob Ford also have a drunk driving problem?

As you probably already know, Rob Ford is the Toronto mayor who starred in lovely (ha) video footage where he was smoking crack.

Now, in an article by John Lorinc, many people are speculating that the mayor may be getting behind the wheel regularly while under the influence.

Apparently, police found discarded vodka bottles in the park where Ford met his dealer, Alexander Lisi. There were also discarded vodka bottles in the parking lot where Ford met with Lisi again. According to documents, Ford would get in his car and drive off. Could these discarded vodka bottles belong to Ford? Does the discarded vodka bottles indicate that he was under the influence? Did Ford down some vodka with Lisi and then get behind the wheel?

Even though his brother Doug Ford, claims his bro never drinks and drives, the surveillance footage and documents strongly indicate that Ford may have gotten behind the wheel while a little tipsy.

Ford does have a habit of driving drunk. After all, he was arrested for a DUI in Florida in 1999. (He pleaded no contest.)

Luckily, Ford may be getting himself a chauffeur as he aims to right his wrongs. But, will we eventually see the Toronto mayor get arrested for a DUI?

In Canada, all DWIs are considered felonies. If we see Ford get arrested for a DUI, then his career would be more over than it already is.


Source: Spacing Toronto

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