DUI Charges Dropped Against Tracy Wilson-Mourning

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Tracy Wilson Mourning

It’s good to be Tracy Wilson-Mourning. She’s married to one of the most famous stars of the Miami Heat (Alonzo Mourning). She’s the CEO of Honey Child Enterprises. She founded the Honey Shine Mentoring Program. Plus, there’s a high school in Miami named after her and her hubby. Today, we can add to that list. Tracy Wilson-Mourning can also avoid having a criminal conviction on her record. Her DUI charges were dropped.

Tracy Wilson-Mourning – the wife of Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning – had the drunk driving charges against her dropped by Miami-Dade County prosecutors.

Wilson-Mourning was charged with a DUI this past February after she was pulled over for speeding. Apparently, she was driving her Porsche Panamera at 48mph in a 20mph zone. She also sped through a red light and made an improper right turn.

During her arrest, Wilson-Mourning refused a breathalyzer test, but she did take and subsequently fail the field sobriety test.

However, today, October 15, 2013, Wilson-Mourning had a pretty good, well, morning. The prosecution lowered her DUI charges to careless driving charge. Score!

However, Wilson-Mourning will still have some of the same punishments had she been convicted of a Florida DUI. She has to attend alcohol and driving education classes as well as perform 50 hours of community service.

Through her attorney, Christopher Lyon, Wilson-Mourning made the following statement:

“I am pleased that this matter is over and that the state attorney’s office agreed with me that I did not commit a DUI or any other criminal offense that evening.”

Source: Miami Herald


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