Former Bears QB Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

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Bob Avellini

Bob Avellini, the former quarterback for the Chicago Bears, was sentenced on Wednesday, November 19th, to 18 months in prison for aggravated drunk driving in DuPage County.

Avellini was facing up to seven years in prison, but one his attorneys, Martin LaScola, explained that his clean record while on bond helped reduce his sentence.

Judge Daniel Guerin ordered Avellini to surrender on December 1. Until then, Avellini must wear an anklet that can detect and notify the court if he has alcohol in his system.

Since 2002, the former athlete was arrested for a DUI six times. He was able to beat the charges three times. Avellini was most recently arrested in September of 2013. His blood-alcohol concentration was almost twice the legal limit. Furthermore, Avellini was driving on a suspended license as part of a sentence for a previous DUI conviction. His arrest occurred just nine days into his suspension.

Avellini’s other attorney, David Spada, suggested that Avellini’s struggle with depression plays a factor into his issues with alcohol abuse. Avellini was diagnosed with depression and concussion syndrome due to repetitive brain trauma he sustained while playing football.

Avellini recently traveled to California to file a suit against the Bears to seek compensation for the injuries he suffered while playing for the team.

Spada said that his client plans on seeking medical treatment after his stint in prison.

LaScola imagines that if Avellini continues his good behavior, he may serve less than a year in prison.

“The idea is to move on past this, and move in a positive manner. I know that’s what Bob wants to do,” LaScola stated.

Source: Chicago Tribune


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