Former CA Mayor Officially Charged with Felony DUI

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Alan Long

Alan Long was arrested for a DUI on October 16, prompting him to resign as the mayor of Murrieta, California. He was officially charged with a felony DUI on Thursday, October 30.

The Riverside County district attorney’s office stated that Long will face one count of felony DUI charges for injuring four teen girls. Long was driving his truck allegedly under the influence at around 8:15 pm when he rear-ended a student’s vehicle carrying three other student passengers. This accident occurred on Jefferson Avenue toward Lily Avenue.

The students did sustain some injuries and were taken to the hospital. Long’s attorney, Virginia Blumenthal, stated that her client did help the students and had “deep concern for [their] safety and well-being.”

Long was given a field sobriety test by police officers and failed. According to the police report, Long exhibited “signs and symptoms consistent with alcohol impairment.

Even before he was officially charged, Long resigned from office on October 20. However, Blumenthal noted that his resignation was “not an admission of guilt.”

Long was elected mayor of Murrieta in November 2010. Despite his resignation, Long did say that he does plan on seeking a second term.

Prosecutors state that Long’s blood-alcohol concentration at the time of his arrest was .08 percent, which happens to be right at the legal limit. However, Blumenthal states that Long was “well below” the legal limit.

“There are a lot of accidents that are not crimes,” Blumenthal said. “Alcohol was consumed, but it’s our position that he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time he was driving.”

Long is due to be arraigned on December 11.

Source: LA Times ; LA Times


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