Grandson of Dale Earnhardt Arrested for DUI

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Celebrity offspring just don’t learn, do they?

The latest juiced-fruit-of-one’s -loins that was arrested this week is Bobby Dale Earnhardt, the grandson of Dale Earnhardt.

Earnhardt was pulled over in Charleston, West Virginia last night. Apparently, area police heard squealing tires and headed over to West Washington Street. There, they witnessed Earnhardt driving way above the speed limit and making some wide turns.

You know what they say about wide turns…

When police pulled over Earnhardt, they noticed his eyes were glassy and could totally smell alcohol coming from the car. Earnhardt admitted to downing two shots. However, when they took his BAC, his blood alcohol content measured over twice the legal limit.

Now, I’m no mathematician, but that’s more than two shots… right? Unless, he had two shots of rubbing alcohol. In which case, how do we get up to that tolerance?

Earnhardt was arrested and booked in South Central Regional Jail.

Needless to say, Bobby Dale Earnhardt is actually a budding racer himself. Can you still race on a suspended license?

Source: Kansas City Star

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