How to Avoid a DUI on New Year’s Eve

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So, you want to party like a celeb, but you don’t to end up arrested like one…

Snooki looks stoopid

Bravo. Great choice.

Well, the Lush Crush is here to give you some handy dandy tips to help ensure that the only mistake you make this New Year’s Eve is making out with a complete stranger.

Here are some tips:

Number 1 : Know your limits, m’dears!

Now, we all know that New Year’s Eve is known for its excess, but do you really want to be the one crying in your own puke at the end of the night? Can you imagine that hangover? Eesh. I would suggest figuring out how many drinks you can have according to your body chemistry. Here’s a BAC calculator that can help you out with that one.

Speaking of body chemistry, have something to eat before you go out. Skipping meals is so passé.

Also, I just got a tip about a Buzzed Buzzer. Apparently, it’s a buzzer that only buzzes when you’re inebriated to let you know that you probably shouldn’t get behind the wheel.

Number 2: If you can’t walk in a straight line, you can’t drive in a straight line, either.

So, things got way to fun and guess what, that’s okay. Congratulations. You’re having a great time. However, for the love of Charlie Sheen, don’t get behind the wheel!

If you can’t afford a driver like Hollywood royalty, don’t feel ashamed. Although I like to think of myself as royalty, I actually can’t afford one either. Sigh…

Either way, if you get too tanked, please don’t end up in the drunk tank by driving home!

And I know what you’re thinking:

“But I live so close by!”

“I’m not that drunk!”

“It’s just a straight line home!”

“I’m a great drunk driver!”

No. No. No. And that is completely untrue, no.

If you tend to be a planner, use those skills and assign a designated driver before your fancy fetes. Otherwise, have the phone number of a cab company in your phone or get an app that calls a cab for you.

Check with your auto insurance company or AAA or other local services to see if they are offering assistance on New Year’s Eve. There is a chance that there may be free sober shuttles. It can be annoying to find your way back to your car the next day, but hey with a cab driver or a sober driver, at least you made a new friend NOT in jail, right?

Number 3: Know Where the Police Will Be

There are going to be many sobriety checkpoints happening this weekend and knowing where they are could keep you and your friends from going overboard. Take a look at a list of anti-drunk driving campaigns happening near you.

Number 4: If you get locked up, lawyer up!

Now, from my experience I know at least one of you is going to wind up pulled over. It totally sucks, but guess what? It happens. And it happens when you least expect it.

However, though you weren’t smart when you got behind the wheel, you can take responsibility for your actions by hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney to help you figure out what the heck is going on as you face your charges. Remember, you’re not alone. You DO deserve an attorney to help you out with a DUI arrest.  After all, the stars do it all the time!

So, my lovely readers, I wish you the happiest of New Year’s and please get home safely!


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