Isiah Thomas’ Son Avoids a DWI Conviction

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Isiah Thomas

The son of basketball legend Isiah Thomas settled his drunk driving case today, July 10, 2014.

Joshua Thomas, also known as DJ Zeke, was arrested for a DWI in West Village in Manhattan on April 4, 2014. Apparently, he was leaving a deejaying gig when he got pulled over by the cops in his 2011 Range Rover. Thomas admitted to having 3 drinks before getting behind the wheel.

Thomas was originally charged with a misdemeanor DWI. If he were convicted, this would’ve resulted in possible time behind bars and some serious fines.

However with the help of defense lawyer Scott Leemon, Thomas managed to get a plea deal. By admitting to a lesser violation known as driving while ability impaired (also known as a DAI), Thomas managed to avoid a criminal conviction.

“It’s a traffic infraction, not a crime,” Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Alexander Tisch informed Thomas. Thomas pleaded guilty shortly after.

As a result of his guilty plea to this traffic infraction, Thomas will have to stay out of trouble for a year. Also, he must complete a safe driver program and pay a $300 fine. Furthermore, his license has been suspended for 90 days.

Though a license suspension and traffic school can be an inconvenience, Thomas seems pretty satisfied with these results. After all, he did manage to avoid a criminal conviction.

“We’re glad the case was resolved in a non-criminal matter,” Leemon stated. “He looks forward to getting on with his life as a flourishing DJ.”

DJ Zeke’s latest hit is called “Monsters (Be Brave)” and the song recently played on VH1.

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