Jason Priestly Bonds with Chelsea Handler Over DUI

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Jason Priestly and Chelsea Handler

During an appearance on ‘Chelsea Lately’, ‘90210’ heartthrob Jason Priestly bonded with host Chelsea Handler over getting a DUI.

Priestly has a new memoir out and appeared on the show to promote his literary work. Handler asked Priestly about a portion of the book where he talks about spending the night with five Russian men.

Priestly responded, “I didn’t spend the time with them. I was in jail because I had a DUI.”

Handler acknowledged that she, too, had a DUI. Priestly responded, “You’ve had a DUI, I mean, come on!” Priestly and Handler high-fived each other. “What self-respecting Los Angeleno doesn’t have a DUI under their belt,” Priestly added.

“The important thing is not to get two,” Handler stated.

Back in 1999, Priestly was charged with driving under the influence and had to spend five nights in jail. This was where he met those five Russian men.

“I walked in there, and I had no idea what I was walking into. There were all these Russian dudes playing this crazy Russian card game where they rip up the cards and they throw the cards, and as I walk in they all stop playing the game and turn and look at me like it was a scene out of Indiana Jones. The biggest guy at the end of the table stands up slowly and he walks over to me, and just opens his arms and he goes ‘Brandonnnnnn!’”

(Priestly played Brandon Walsh on ‘90210’ in case any of you can’t remember.)

Source: US Magazine


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