Jerry Sandusky’s Son Arrested for DUI

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John Sandusky

Jon Sandusky, the son of the now notorious Jerry Sandusky, has been arrested for a DUI in North Dakota on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

Around 1:50 am on Tuesday morning, police spotted Sandusky make an illegal U-turn just outside of downtown Fargo. Apparently, Sandusky crossed three lanes of traffic to complete the U-turn.

Police suspected Sandusky may have been under the influence and proceeded to give him a field sobriety test. Sandusky failed.

Furthermore, Sandusky wasn’t really clear when police asked where he was coming from. He responded, “Just down the road.” According to Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettell, “They didn’t press him on that answer. We don’t where he was at.”

While it was noted in the police report that Sandusky was cooperative, he did refuse to take a blood test. When you get arrested for a DUI, you usually have your blood alcohol content (BAC) measured to determine how drunk you are. In many states you are required to take a BAC test. However, Sandusky refused a BAC test, and unfortunately, he may have to pay a price for that decision.

On July 1, North Dakota enacted a new law that stated you would be found guilty of a DUI if you refuse a BAC test.There has been no report if Sandusky plans on challenging that law or if he even plans on fighting his DUI charges altogether.

Sandusky has since been released on bail.

Jon Sandusky works as director of player personnel for the Cleveland Browns. He used to work in the personnel department for Philadelphia, as well.

Source: ESPN

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