Joan Rivers Tweets about Dina Lohan’s DUI

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Joan Rivers

Oh Joan Rivers! How you speak to the souls of lush crushes everywhere! On Sunday, the comedienne extraordinaire tweeted the following:

“Dina Lohan was charged with a DUI in New York last week. Has anyone in that family been photographed when it wasn’t a mugshot?”

dina lohan dui

Dina Lohan

Well, guess who decided to get up-in-arms. Well, it’s none other than the patriarch, Mr. Michael Lohan.

michael lohan


He responded by tweeting about Joan Rivers’ addictions to botox and plastic surgery.

(I didn’t know you could get high off of botox!)

Needless to say, Michael Lohan said the following:

“Either she has a mortician on retainer or she is getting her formaldehyde by smoking PCP. At her rate, she won’t need any embalming fluid when her times comes because she has more in her than most mortuaries have in inventory.”

Frankly, I can’t believe Michael Lohan knows how to spell formaldehyde.

(What can I say?! It’s a tough word to spell! And, yes, there have been numerous times I’ve had to use the word, formaldehyde.)

Anyway, after Michael Lohan’s response, Joan Rivers threatened a lawsuit, to which Lohan responded:

“What’s the matter Joan? You can pick on everyone else and make fun of them but people can’t do it with you? At least what I say has some validity and truth to it. For God sake, you look like the Catwoman and your daughter.“

Guys, this feud is getting too much for the Lush Crush to handle. Why can’t we all just take a few tequila shots and get along?? Give Peace a chance!

P.S. “Peace” is a type of shot I made up that’s 2 parts tequila combined with a third-part tequila.

Source: Radar Online

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