Justin Bieber Avoids a DUI Conviction

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Justin bieber

If you were ever imagining a world where there would be a crossover between Justin Bieber and ‘Orange is the New Black’, unfortunately that universe remains for fan fiction enthusiasts only.

Bieber has taken a plea deal for his January drunk driving case and has avoided a DUI conviction.

Unless you were in a coma (in which case I am deeply sorry you were in a coma), you probably are aware that Bieber was arrested for a DUI back in January in Miami Beach. Bieber apparently was drag racing with fellow musician Khalil Amir Sharieff. A tiny amount of alcohol as well as marijuana was found in Bieber’s system. Additionally, Bieber was pretty argumentative with the arresting officer.

Bieber pleaded not guilty to drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid driver’s license.

However, with the help of an attorney I’m sure, Bieber was able to get his DUI charges dropped to reckless driving.

You hear that, world? Justin Bieber is NOT a DUI offender!

Furthermore, Bieber has managed to avoid serving probation. In exchange for a guilty plea to reckless driving, Bieber has to pay a fine and attend anger management classes.

Once Bieber pays off his fine and learns to control his apparent aggression, his reckless driving conviction will be wiped clean.

Sharieff has also pleaded guilty to reckless driving, but he doesn’t have to take anger management classes like his compadre.

The legal world has been kind to Bieber as of late. He most recently found out he will not be facing felony charges following an incident in which a woman accused him of attempting to steal her phone at a miniature golf course.

Source: CBS


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