Justin Bieber DUI Trial Delayed Once Again

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If you were keen on a DUI trial that was bound to be as riveting as that scene from ‘A Few Good Men’, unfortunately today’s celebrity DUI news is a bit of a disappointment.

Justin Bieber’s DUI trial has been delayed once again. Justin Bieber’s attorney, Mark Shapiro, and Florida prosecutors appeared at a hearing today (July 16, 2014) to inform the judge that they needed more time to work out a possible plea deal. Bieber did not make an appearance at the hearing today.

Along with Shapiro, Assistant State Attorney David Gilbert asked for three more weeks to figure out the matter. Miami Dade County Judge William Altfield scheduled another hearing to take place on August 5, 2014.

Gilbert stated that both sides are still working out a plea deal. They agreed to give the judge an update “and set a trial date, if necessary.”

Both the defense and prosecution failed to give specific details about the plea negotiation process, with Shapiro stating, “It’s pretty much status quo.”

Bieber and his buddy, R&B singer Khalil Amir Sharieff, were arrested on January 23, 2014 after a police officer witnessed the two drag racing. Bieber was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini (Lambo!!) and Sharieff was driving a Ferrari. Although both were able to avoid drag racing charges, they were slapped with some serious DUI charges.

Even though Bieber blood alcohol concentration was below the legal limit, he did test positive for marijuana and Xanax. Bieber is facing additional charges for resisting arrest and driving without a valid driver’s license.

These charges are just a few of the legal troubles Bieber is facing. He most recently pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism charges for egging a neighbor’s house in Los Angeles and he is facing assault charges for allegedly attacking a limo driver in Toronto. Bieber is also being sued by a photographer for allegedly assaulting him outside of a recording studio.

Ah, remember the years when Bieber was so young and innocent? What happened?

Source: NY Daily News

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