Kate Major Arrested for DUI

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Kate Major

It looks like the fiancee of Michael Lohan is in some MAJOR trouble.

Kate Major- Michael Lohan’s betrothed- has been arrested for a DUI. She was arrested Thursday night and may also be facing domestic battery charges.

On Thursday, March 13, 2014, Major and Lohan got into a . . . er . . . major fight. It ended up escalating so much that Lohan called 911.

Apparently, Major had gotten so majorly (sorry) pissed that she got into her car and sped off. Lohan called the police to report that Major was driving under the influence.

Earlier that evening Major had arrived home and passed out while Lohan was with their son. One thing led to another and the two got into a huge argument. There was even one moment where Major allegedly was scratching Lohan’s face, according to one source.

Lohan apparently found out that Major had alcohol in her vehicle.

Major left their home in her car as Lohan proceeded to call 911 to report that Major was drunk and behind the wheel.

While Major was driving, she was so drunk that she crashed into a tree and attempted to run from the scene.

According to a source, “When the cops arrived, they witnessed her fleeing in the car. They stopped her car and gave her a breathalyzer test which she failed.”

Major was taken to the Palm Beach county jail and appeared before a judge on Friday, March 15, 2014 at 9am.

Source: Radar


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