Kathryn Major Sentenced to 8 Months in Jail

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Kathryn Major

Kathryn Major, the girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan’s father, has been sentenced to six months in Palm Beach County Jail. Hey, at least it’s Palm Beach! It’s nice down there, right?

Major, 31, pleaded guilty to violating her 3-year probation that came from a 2012 criminal case where Major was arrested for getting in a drunken confrontation. Major actually received an eight-month long sentence, but she received credit for 70 days already spent in custody at a Lake Worth substance abuse treatment facility.

Michael Lohan was not present at the hearing. Apparently, on May 1, when Major was actually convicted, Lohan had to be removed from the courtroom because of an outburst.

On March 13, 2014, police received a call from Michael Lohan following a drunken argument he was having with Major. Major wanted to get behind the wheel, but Lohan thought she was too drunk to drive. Major repeatedly attempted to slap Lohan and scratch his face. She ended up getting a hold of the keys to her red BMW.

Police officers arrived to Lohan’s home on Northeast Morningside Terrace in Boca Raton. While they where speaking with Lohan outside, police spotted the red BMW. They pulled over Major where she was arrested on charges of drunk driving and battery.

Major’s battery charges were dropped on March 26. However, she still has to face DUI charges. In addition to the hearing for violating her initial probation, Major had to appear in another courtroom to handle her DUI. She will now be placed on an even longer probation because of her DUI charges.

Source: Sun-Sentinel


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