Kellan Lutz Tried to Invent Alcoholic Popsicles

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Kellan Lutz

You guys, Kellan Lutz is more than just the pretty face known for playing Emmett Cullen in ‘The Twilight Saga’. He is, in fact, an inventor, a chemical engineer, and alcohol enthusiast.

Lutz appeared on ‘Conan’ on Monday, June 2, 2014 where he discussed with the talk show host about his foray into the world of inventing. In addition to his idea of a gas station slot machine (which I still can’t really wrap my pretty brain around, Kellan), he talked about his attempt in creating alcohol popsicles.

You know, because no college student in America has EVER tried that before!

Called Alco-pops (clever), Lutz did claim to under the chemical properties of alcohol and the proportions needed of sno-cone syrup. Really, Kellan? You have a chemical engineering background? Where you learn that? On the set of ‘90210’?

Oh wait. My bad. I just took a peak at his Wikipedia page. Turns out Lutz attended Chapman University where he studied chemical engineering. Yeah, okay, I’d say he’s pretty qualified.

Anyway, Lutz and friend attempted to create alco-pops but it turns out they should’ve hired a third party to serve as taste-tester. The two got a little wasted attempting to perfect their invention. Lutz was too buzzed to read any of his alcohol-stained notes and probably couldn’t remember the formula the next day. Oh well. We all have moments of pure genius when we’re drunk that just erase away the next day when the hangover kicks in.

Take a look at the clip!

Source: MTV

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