Kennedy Outrages Families of DUI Victims

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Right after being acquitted of drunk driving, Kerry Kennedy managed to anger people who have been affected by drunk driving. After appearing on ‘The Today Show’, Kennedy explained that she thought Westchester County was too harsh in its attempts to nab drunk drivers. She stated that Westchester prosectors have a “terrible policy” of “pursuing every single case of driving under the influence.”

Kennedy was acquitted of drugged driving charges on Friday, February 28, 2014. On the day of her arrest, she had accidentally taken an Ambien instead of her thyroid medication and she got into an accident.

“It means a lot of people who are innocent get caught up in the criminal justice system that shouldn’t be there,” Kennedy added during her appearance on the morning talk show.

Michael Flynn lost his 7-year-old daughter in a drunk driving accident. He was appalled by Kennedy’s comments.

“I think it’s disgusting for her to say that, to try to pull the rug out from prosecutors trying to protect us from people like her. Seems she’s upset she got treated like a normal citizen.”

Following her appearance and backlash, Kennedy made a statement to the ‘NY Daily News’. She said, “When asked by NBC on Monday, I said that every person whom the district attorney and police officers believe to be guilty of the crime of driving under the influence should be prosecuted.”

“That’s where our resources should be spent. We cannot have criminal drunk or drugged drivers on our roads. What we should not do is prosecute people who the district attorney and police believe to be innocent of the crime, simply because of county protocol requiring all cases to be pursued.”

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Source: NY Daily News


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