Kerry Kennedy Heads to Trial This September

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kerry kennedy

Hm… I wonder if this incident was featured in that Kennedys miniseries that I meant to watch but really don’t care about…

Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, will be appearing in court this September for her DUI offense that took place last summer.

Kennedy was arrested for drugged driving after police found her slumped over the steering wheel in Westchester County. Apparently, she had also hit a tractor trailer.

Kennedy claims she accidentally took an Ambien which caused her to be drowsy behind the wheel.

Aw man, I hate it when I accidentally take Ambien! It’s just that the pill looks SO much like this type of candy that only Kennedys (and myself) eat!

This past Tuesday, Kennedy appeared in court to have her case dismissed, but the judge denied this request and plans on going forward with the trial this fall.

In addition to being an activist and founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, Kerry Kennedy was formerly married to Andrew Cuomo. They divorced in 2005.

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