Legal Trouble For Paul Walker’s Daughter

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Paul Walker’s death was certainly tragic, but it seems as if there’s a total mess in his wake. TMZ has learned that Paul Walker’s baby mother has taken his 15-year-old daughter from his home. However, Paul Walker’s mother is not to thrilled about it and is taking it to court.

Meadow, Walker’s daughter, has been living with Walker’s mother, Cheryl, since August. However, when Paul died, Meadow’s mother, Rebecca, flew in to be with them.

However, last week, Cheryl filed to become Meadow’s legal guardian. This angered Rebecca and she decided to take her daughter to a friend’s place nearby.

However, Rebecca is currently suffering from a serious drinking problem. In fact, she was arrested for a DUI twice within the last six years. TMZ has learned that Rebecca’s drinking problem was the reason why Meadow reached out to Paul and asked to live with him.

It is stated in Paul’s will that his wishes included making his mother, Cheryl, Meadow’s legal guardian should he pass.

Therefore, Cheryl is headed to guard to get a temporary guardianship of Meadow. However, family sources have told TMZ that Rebecca will likely fight Cheryl for guardianship.

“Our sources also say . . . Cheryl is armed with evidence that Rebecca’s drinking problem has no subsided and she’s an unfit parent.”

Needless to say, Rebecca does have a legal advantage given she’s Meadow’s biological mother, but we shall see.

Source: TMZ


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