Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Reaching for Wine

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Lohan reaching for wine

Don’t trust the pictures, my friends. They may be deceiving. Lindsay Lohan is claiming that she wasn’t reaching for a bottle of wine in a photo that appeared yesterday that looks as if she was about to grab a bottle of wine.

Wednesday morning, a photo emerged of Lindsay Lohan reaching for what looked like a bottle of wine. This caused a major reaction from many of us. Did she fall off the wagon?

What’s interesting is that there were no subsequent images of Lindsay actually drinking said wine.

TMZ is reporting that a source close to Lindsay said that Lindsay was actually reaching for her phone and bag that were sitting on the countertop next to the bottle of wine. Apparently, the angle of of the photo was set up in a way to make it look like Lindsay was reaching for the bottle of vino.

If you take a look at the photo, it does look like it was shot from a weird angle. Maybe she was actually just reaching for her purse.

This photo was taken at a friend’s house, who did indeed have a bottle of wine. Hm… not the most polite thing to flaunt it in front of a sober person, but who am I to judge?

According to TMZ, Lindsay and her sober coach have parted ways. Apparently, Lohan had a sober coach while she was in NY following her stint in rehab. However, Lindsay Lohan left NY to spend her days in sunny California and didn’t need her sober coach to accompany her. Someone told TMZ that Lohan believe she’s able to take on sober living on her own.

We wish her the best of luck!


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