Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested for DUI . . . Again!

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Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly – known for playing Laurie on That 70’s Show – was arrested again for a DUI.

Apparently, she was parked in the middle of a freeway on Saturday night when police arrived to see what was up.

And what was up?

Oh, it was Kelly’s BAC.

Police suspected the actress to be under the influence and asked her to perform a field sobriety test – which she failed.

As you may know, Lisa Robin Kelly is troubled, spelled with a capital TROUBLED. This is her second DUI, plus she was arrested twice before for spousal abuse and assault.

If you’re arrested for a DUI and you have a history of other arrests, the punishments get a tad Farrah Abraham-y – i.e. they get enhanced. If convicted, Kelly may have to spend a longer time in jail, pay a ton of fines and could lose her ability to drive altogether.

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