Many Celebs to Appear on ‘Drunk History’ This Season

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Jack Black

For fans of drunk celebs or just getting drunk in general, you’ll be pleased to hear that a plethora of Hollywood’s hottest talent will be appearing on season two of the hilarious comedy central series, ‘Drunk History’.

If drunk humor is your thing, you’re likely already a fan. In ‘Drunk History’, a narrator is tasked with retelling an actual story from our nation’s history while under the influence. During their sloshed story, celebrity talent act out the drunken tale, much to the viewer’s pleasure.

Three stars from ‘Arrested Development’ will be appearing on ‘Drunk History’ this season, including David Cross, Tony Hale and Alia Shawkat. ‘Friday Night Lights’ stars will also be making appearances including Adrianne Palicki, Zach Gilford, and Jesse Plemons.

Additional celebrities slated to appear include Courtney Cox playing Edith Wilson, Johnny Knoxville playing Johnny Cash, and the incomparable Laura Dern playing the brave investigative journalist, Nellie Bly.

“Casting season 2, I had one thing in mind – to keep clear yes and a full heart so I wouldn’t lose. I was lucky enough to get several cast members from ‘Friday Night Lights’ as well as the Hollywood Hall of Fame of my favorite dream actors to work with, no matter what their IMDb star meter is,” stated Derek Waters, the host and co-creator of ‘Drunk History’.

Stephen Merchant and John Lithgow will both be appearing on the show to portray George Washington. Chris Parnell will be playing Benedict Arnold and Winona Ryder will be appearing as his second wife, Peggy Shippen.

Other stars appearing on the show include Jack Black, Jason Momoa, Weird Al, and Steve Urkel (yes, Jaleel White).

The second season of ‘Drunk History’ premiers on July 1 at 10 pm on Comedy Central.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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