Mark Grace Scores … A Plea Agreement

Posted by: The Lush Crush on Thursday, January 31st, 2013 Category Smashed-letes

Mark Grace Mugshot

Mark Grace, the former broadcaster of the Arizona Diamondbacks, pled guilty to endangerment and DUI and will serve a four-month work-release prison sentence. By pleading guilty, Grade managed to avoid a longer prison sentence.

What’s work-release, you ask?

(Oh, and I can hear you asking.)

Work-release is when you have to live in jail but you get released solely for the purposes of employment. Just like on season 6 (?) of Weeds.

Additionally, following his 4 months in jail, he will have a 3-year probation sentence as well be required to install an ignition interlock.

Grace could have had to spend three years in prison, but luckily he was able to opt for this punishment instead. I’m sure he has his DUI attorney to thank for that…

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