Mase Bans Wife from Church After DUI

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Do you guys remember Mase? He was a rapper who was once signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. He has since become a pastor and yesterday it was reported on TMZ that he recently banned his estranged wife from preaching at his church because she was arrested for a DUI.

You may remember Mase, aka Mason Betha, from the summer of 1996 when he was featured on a remix of 112’s “Only You”.

(I actually don’t remember as 1996 was my “Dave Matthews Band” year and, oh my God, I really don’t want to talk about it.)

Mase has also been featured on tracks with Brian McKnight, Mariah Carey, Keith Sweat and Brandy, as well as with Diddy.

Anywayyyyy, Mase left the world of music in 1999 to go after his calling of being a pastor. Even though he has since returned to music here and there, Mase serves as the pastor at the El Elyon International Church in Atlanta, GA.

In the early 2000’s Mase married Twyla McInnis (now Twyla Betha). However, recently Twyla hasn’t been living up to the well-mannered pastor’s wife stereotype. While she was once very supportive of her husband’s endeavors, preaching at the church and providing marriage counseling to church members, it looks like things are falling apart.

In 2012, Mase and Twyla separated. Mase filed for divorce in January of this year.

Recently, Twyla was arrested for drunk driving where her blood alcohol content registered at .14 percent. That’s almost twice the legal limit! Twyla has since pleaded guilty to her charges.

As a result of her sinful behavior, this week, Mase has prohibited Twyla from preaching at his church, saying that she is a drunk. Mase has stated that he is ashamed of Twyla’s actions and finds them hypocritical.


However, Mase himself isn’t free of judgement. In 2009, he was criticized of being a “false prophet” and using the church to further his music career.

Guys, I think this just goes to a show that being of the cloth is more dramatic than we expected…

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