Mel GIbson’s Arresting Officer Wants Job Back

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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest is the celebrity DUI that will never stop sparking interest. After Gary Oldman’s insane comments a couple of weeks ago, a spotlight is shining on Gibson’s DUI arrest once again.

The arresting officer in the July 2006 incident is currently fighting to get his job back. Officer James Mee testified at a hearing on Monday, July 7, 2014 that he faced unfair discrimination since the Mel Gibson arrest which resulted in his termination from the force in 2011.

Mee asserted that this superiors blamed him for leaking details about Gibson’s DUI arrest to TMZ. After the arrest, Mee was asked to remove Gibson’s violent and anti-semitic comments from his police report. In fact, the department told reporters that Gibson was arrested “without incident”.

During Monday’s hearing, Mee played an audio recording of the famous celebrity DUI arrest.

Mee can be heard explaining to Gibson how to take a field sobriety test, with Gibson responding with profanities and threats including, “I will have your head.”

Mee claims that Gibson’s anti-semitism really came to light in the back of the patrol car as they headed to the sheriff’s Lost Hills station. While being transported to the station, Gibson stated that “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” and proceeded to ask Mee if he was Jewish. (Mee, in fact, is.)

However, Mee’s original arrest details were soon leaked and Mee found himself at the center of a sheriff’s criminal investigation. No charges were filed against Mee.

After the Mel Gibson DUI arrest, Mee maintains that he faced discrimination, including being the subject of several internal investigations. In 2011, Mee was let go from the force after allegations that he failed to report the severity of an accident involving a suspected drunk driver.

Source: LA Times


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