Michael Vick’s Brother Arrested for a DUI

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Marcus Vick

Michael Vick’s brother, Marcus Vick, has been arrested for a DUI and it looks like he may be facing a lot of trouble.

Vick was arrested in Forsyth County, Georgia on Monday night at a traffic stop. Apparently, police pulled over Vick around 2 am because his license plate was expired.

(Vick drives a Lexus LX570, btw.)

After police discovered that Vick didn’t have a driver’s license on him, they also discovered that Vick wasn’t even licensed to drive in Georgia. However, besides the license, police detected an interesting odor coming from Vick.

According to the police report, the cop “detect[ed] an odor of marijuana … about Marcus’ breath and person… When asked direct when the last time he had smoked marijuana was, Marcus stated that he had smoked marijuana while at his residence just prior to operating the motor vehicle.”

Vick’s passenger confirmed that the two enjoyed a little wacky tobacky before getting behind the wheel.

Here’s something pretty coincidental: Vick was booked for driving under the influence of marijuana at exactly 4:20 AM. Go figure.

Vick is being charged with driving under the influence of drugs, driving with no license and having an expired vehicle registration. He was taken to the Forsyth County Detention Center, but was later released on a $4,130 bond.

Vick may face enhanced penalties because he was convicted of a DUI in Virginia back in 2008.

Marcus Vick is known for playing quarterback at Virginia Tech from 2002-2005. However, he was later dismissed from the team because he kept getting in trouble with the law and exhibited unsportsmanlike behavior. He also was the wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. However, his tenure only lasted one game.

Let’s hope Marcus Vick gets an experienced DUI lawyer to help him out!

Source: Forsyth News

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