Miguel Busted for DUI

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Let’s hope he doesn’t have to adorn himself in an orange jumpsuit!

Musician Miguel was arrested for a DUI early yesterday morning.

Miguel was driving early Thursday morning on a Los Angeles freeway when police noticed his 2013 BMW X6 speeding and having tinted windows. Police pulled Miguel over and his car must’ve reeked of booze. After all, the cops must’ve had a good reason to suspect the superstar to be under the influence.

Police proceeded to give Miguel a field sobriety test, which he failed. Miguel later took a breathalyzer test twice. He BAC readings were .10 and .11 percent. The legal limit is .8 percent.

Miguel was arrested but he was later released from jail on a $5,000 bail.

The consequences for a DUI in California can include a license suspension and expensive fines. After that, Miguel may have to install an ignition interlock, depending on what the judge says. If so, let’s hope his ignition interlock matches the lovely interior of a BMW X6!

Source: TMZ


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