Monticello, NY Mayor Arrested for DWI

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Hello my lovely lush crushes!

I know with Rob Ford making constant headlines, a lot of you have politics on the brain. Well, if I could hit you up with the latest electoral gossip, let me tell you this:

Monticello, NY is totes the next Toronto.

Like for realsies.

Monticello’s mayor, Gordon Jenkins, was arrested for a DUI this weekend. As a result, many Monticello-ians, like many Toronto-ians, are asking for its mayor to resign.

This past Saturday night, November 16, 2013, Mayor Jenkins was driving on Main Street when he stopped to gawk at a car accident that happened. A volunteer firefighter who was on the scene noticed that the mayor seemed to be under the influence and notified the police. Police then arrested the mayor.

Mayor Jenkins is being charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a breathalyzer test. Furthermore, while Jenkins was at the station he allegedly broke a clock. Therefore, he’s also being charged with obstruction of justice (I mean, come on – the cops NEED to know what time it is!) as well as criminal mischief.

Jenkins is due to appear in court this Friday.

This isn’t Jenkin’s first run-in with the law. 3 years ago he pleaded guilty to selling knock-off Sneakers at his store. Plus, last year, he was arrested for hitting a police officer.

A lot of people are wanting mayor Jenkins to leave office.

“I really call at the mayor to resign,” said Village Trustee Carmen Rue. “He cannot perform his duty as an acting manager nor even as a mayor. And it’s a shame that the community has to suffer for this.”

Source: CBS Local

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