November 1 2013 Celebrity DUI Tidbits

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Odom Still Partying

lamar odom

After having some Celebrity DUI troubles himself, Lamar Odom seems to still be hitting the bottle. TMZ tells us that Odom was spotted getting hammered at Beacher’s Madhouse in Hollywood this past Wednesday, October 30, 2013. I guess he was getting some pre-Halloween partying in.

Odom showed up with a posse of dudes who hung out at the bar doing shots of Patron. Odom drank champagne throughout the night.

Needless to say, Odom managed to shut the place down. He stayed until 2 am. At around 2:30 at the valet stand, someone witnessed Odom asking people where the after-party was.

Source: TMZ

Kanye Cancels Performances Due to Car Crash


Because of a car crash that damaged stage equipment, Kanye West has been forced to cancel some of his performances until the equipment can be fixed.

On Wednesday, the truck carrying a video truss and a circular LED screen crashed. These items were irreparably damaged. There has been no news as to what caused the crash or why the crash happened.

Not only did West have to cancel a Halloween Vancouver concert, he’ll also be postponing concerts in Anaheim, Denver and Minneapolis until these poor set pieces can be rebuilt.

Apparently, these pieces are “central to the creative vision” and without them “it’s impossible to put on the show,” a representative for Kanye West stated. The rep also said that Kanye “will not compromise on bringing the show as it was originally envisioned and designed to his fans.”

Source: TMZ

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