Obama’s Uncle Can Stay in US Despite DUI Arrest

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Omar Obama

President Obama’s Uncle is allowed to stay in the US after a hearing today in a US immigration court. Onyango “Omar” Obama was facing possible deportation after a drunk driving arrest in Framingham, Massachusetts on August 24, 2011.

During his arrest, Obama “nearly ran his sport utility vehicle into a police car,” according to MetroWest Daily News.

Obama retained Cleveland attorney Margaret Wong to represent him in court before immigration Judge Leonard Shapiro. Judge Shapiro is the same judge that granted asylum to Obama’s sister, Zeuituni Onyango.

If you’re thinking Obama received any special treatment because he’s the uncle of our president, that is certainly not the case. The White House issued a statement that Obama’s immigration case would be treated like any other immigration case. The White House has claimed that President Obama was unaware of his uncle’s immigration status. Although, Onyango Obama stated that his nephew did stay with him in Cambridge before he attended Harvard Law School.

According to the Boston Globe, Obama has lived in the United States since the 1960s. He did face deportation in 1986, 1989 and in 1992, but he ignored these deportation orders.

If you’re in the United States illegally, a DUI can end up causing you more trouble than you think. There have been a lot cases throughout the US where an illegal immigrant gets arrested for a DUI and then winds up being deported.

Source: The Daily Caller


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