Office Depot CFO Arrested for DUI

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Who would’ve thought that the CFO of the place where you get your pens and printer paper would be arrested for a DUI?

Well, a DUI can happen to anyone. Including Stephen E. Hare.

Hare, 60, the recently appointed chief financial officer of the office superstore Office Deport, was arrested for a DUI on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

Police spotted Hare speeding in his Audi on Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, Florida. Apparently, he was going 57 mph in a 35 mph zone. Not smart.

Police pulled him over around 11:33 pm. When they suspected him to be under the influence, police proceeded to give Hare a field sobriety test. (That’s one of those tests where you stand on one foot, walk in a straight line or touch your finger to your nose.)

Hare failed the field sobriety test so officers went on to give him a breath test. Hare’s blood alcohol concentration measured at .180 and .186 percent. The legal limit in Florida is .08 percent so Hare was over twice the legal limit!

Hare was booked in jail but was later released on his own recognizance at around 9 am Sunday morning. A court date pending.

If convicted, Hare could face possible jail time, a license suspension and some very expensive fines. He may also be required to complete community service, attend alcohol education classes and even install an ignition interlock device.

Hare, a Harvard Business school graduate, was appointed CFO of Office Depot in 2013 when the company merged with OfficeMax. He previously serviced as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Wendy’s.

Source: Boca News Now


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